Monday, August 23, 2010

Gaming Influences Episode 1 - John Davison

I decided to change my podcast. Instead of having a podcast where it's just me talking, I have decided to re-brand the podcast as "Gaming Influences."

I want to have a podcast where members of the gaming press/game developers/gamers are asked about their personal histories with the gaming world.

In the premiere episode of "Gaming Influences" my guest is former GamePro EIC John Davison and we talk about how he got into the industry and his history with the industry and where he thinks both the games industry and gaming media is going.

Please note that this was recorded whilst John was still EIC.

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  1. Hey man, just listened to this after spotting it on the GAF thread. Really, really enjoyed it. Very short and sweet, nice lineup of interview questions, and little to no random jabbering. Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, the 2nd epiosde is now up (with guest Dan Hsu) and I kept the random jabbering to a minimum this time.

  3. Loved this. Can't wait to listen to the other two and looking forward to more in the future.

    Here's what I'd love to hear.

    Interview with Giancarlo Varanini.

    Your typical questions, etc but what I really want to hear him talk about is the Too Human review he did for 1Up.

    There was no small amount of controversy around Too Human at 1Up after the preview done by Mark McDonald and then Dyack was on a couple podcasts and then I remember Bettenhausen and a few others speaking positively about the game after having had a chance to play it.

    I figured it would be interesting to read the review when it finally rolled out.

    Of course Varanini isn't an "unknown" but he certainly wasn't part of the main "review crew" at the time.

    It almost seemed like the main reviewers were "too close to the situation" so Varanini was pulled in.

    Might be an interview there. Might not, but I've always been curious about it.

    Anyway, great work with the podcast. :)

  4. been honest I would love to interview Dyack

  5. I was going to suggest Dyack but he can be quite the personality at times. xD

    I'd give it about 50/50 on whether or not he'd do it.

    The old Dyack would have jumped at the chance but I think after whoring himself out so much prior to the release of Too Human, he might be a bit gun shy.

    For the record. I enjoyed Too Human. Played the heck out of it. I didn't quite understand the massive amount of hate it generated but I still find it entertaining/fascinating.